Portuguese Market Validation

Understand your customer segments, know your competitors, estimate your potential market and validate the riskiest assumptions before internationalizing your business.


Market Diagnosis

The first step to mitigate the risks of your internationalization strategy.

Get to know the market firsthand. Don't leave your internationalization project in the hands of chance: validate the riskiest assumptions before you start investing. Don't just rely on numbers, look for evidence that supports them.


Know your customer segments, your mindset, your attitudes and your behavior.


Know who are your direct, indirect and substitute competitors, and what they are doing.


Evaluate your ability to differentiate and position your business against competitors.

Identify your potential market

Do not trust only in assumptions, look for evidence and avoid wasting resources.


Methodologies & Tools

We use methodologies and tools to assist you in decision making.


We talk to the key ecosystem and industry people for reliable information.


We validate our riskiest assumptions by working directly with your prospects.


We analyze the evidence and provide analysis so you can make informed decisions.

Key Questions

Some of the questions we can help you answer.

  • Who are my potential clients and where they are?
  • How can I get to them?
  • Will they pay for my solution?
  • Who are my competitors? What is your position?
  • What are the established revenue model and prices?
  • Can I differentiate myself and position my business?
  • Is my price competitive?
  • I have a market to act? What's your size?
  • Can I distribute my products/services? From which channels?
  • Are there suppliers with the quality and price I need?
  • Is labor available for business? What are the average salaries?
  • Is there any regulation I need to adjust?

Decide based on evidence, not just in official statistics.

As an entrepreneur and consultant, I dedicated myself to the study and application of modern concepts and methodologies for new business development and technology startups.

As a Professor at the Unicamp in the Extension School of Institute of Economics, I taught Business Planning in the Business Management and Strategy and the Financial Economics courses and developed the Innovative Business Modeling course, aimed at entrepreneurs and business consultants.

During the time that I was involved with entrepreneurship, startups, technology, and education, I was able to combine my previous knowledge and experiences with the new disciplines of strategic marketing, digital marketing, service design, and business modeling, which qualified me to work as a consultant.

Knowledge areas

I have a degree in Communication, Specialization in Business Management and Strategy, Certificate in Service Design, Master's degree in Economics. I am also a researcher with experience in Data Analysis, Professor of Business Modeling and Business Plan, and studious of Digital Marketing and Strategic Marketing.

Thiago Ribeiro

Marketing Strategist

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