Marketing Automation

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Business Diagnosis

Possible Solutions

Definitions & Implementation


Pesquisa e Diagnóstico de Marketing

At this stage, we seek to understand the marketing, sales, and customer service operations, in terms of processes as well as internal communication between the various teams and the degree of integration between them.

Business Diagnosis

When it comes to marketing automation, we have a world at our disposal in terms of new SaaS solutions, which include CRMs, Email Marketing, Email Cadence, Inbound Marketing, ABM platforms, and a multitude of other solutions that we can use and integrate, either through APIs, or even using Zapier.

Possible Solutions

Estratégias de Marketing Digital

Definitions & Implementation

Based on the criteria of attractiveness, technical feasibility and economic viability, we will define our priorities, such as:

Planejamento e implementação de estratégias de marketing
  • What to automate
  • How to automate
  • What to integrate
  • How to integrate

Entrust in strategy and intelligence to get the results you want with your company's Digital Marketing.


As an entrepreneur and consultant, I dedicated myself to the study and application of modern concepts and methodologies for new business development and technology startups.

As a Professor at the Unicamp in the Extension School of Institute of Economics, I taught Business Planning in the Business Management and Strategy and the Financial Economics courses and developed the Innovative Business Modeling course, aimed at entrepreneurs and business consultants.

During the time that I was involved with entrepreneurship, startups, technology, and education, I was able to combine my previous knowledge and experiences with the new disciplines of strategic marketing, digital marketing, service design, and business modeling, which qualified me to work as a consultant.

Knowledge areas

I have a degree in Communication, Specialization in Business Management and Strategy, Certificate in Service Design, Master's degree in Economics. I am also a researcher with experience in Data Analysis, Professor of Business Modeling and Business Plan, and studious of Digital Marketing and Strategic Marketing.

Thiago Ribeiro

Marketing Strategist


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Anderson Mota - Boobonus

“We did an immersion work with Thiago that clarified the way for our launch, helped define our strategies and the steps to be taken to ensure sustained organic growth of our business model.”

"The work we did with Thiago was critical to understanding our business model, our revenue streams and the most important metrics from our startup's growth would come."

Henrique Alfonsi - Minha Obra Fácil

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